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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tree-Hugger Guy

I was at school tonight... thinking I needed to write about hair guy.  But then Tree- Hugger Guy so eclipsed hair guy that I nearly peed myself laughing.  OH MY GOSH.

THG is a major left-wing environmental pseudointellectual type.  The last class I had with him, he sat behind me... once asked me "What do you feed the high octane brain of yours?"  He creeped me out then but I've grown since then.  I am more tolerant of people who are not like me... but only slightly I guess.

This happened a couple weeks ago...

THG gave me his phone number.  He is kinda fun to talk to about civil liberties and environmental stuff.  he is a nut.  but he wrote on there preferably not late.  so I said what's that mean?  what's late?  and he says just during the day.  so  I said "Seriously?  what's late?  you don't want me to call you at 2 in the morning to discuss the comments to the rule on fee sharing?"  and he reluctantly says this - "Late is anytime my wife is around."


 he was avoiding the question, didn't offer it voluntarily.  So I said "Don't worry.  I wont call." and he says "It's her problem, not mine."


Dude.  What the hell?  So I said "Nope, it's your problem and I am not going to be the cause of it so I wont call, don't worry."  and I wont call.  I can not imagine, for even a tiny bit of a part of a second, that I would ever feel even slightly warm for nutty THG.  but a rule is a rule and I made myself that rule for a reason.  So no THG.

We've been in this class weeks now.  THG has migrated closer and closer to me.  Now he sits in the next chair over.  Tonight he alluded to sitting in the back row to be near me as normally he's about 3 rows back.  All of this is fine.  Really.  REALLY.

Then the teach reminds us that we have no class next week.  YEAH!  A week off.  Makes me want to kill myself since I live for school now.  Anywho, THG says "You know what we should do?  Lets get together next week and just study.  You can help me pass this test."  I said "Maybe."

Truth is that I like to teach the others kids (Ha, its school I have to say kids... THG is at least 45) cause it helps me.  Helps me remember when I have to make someone else understand, also helps me to feel superior...

Time comes to leave.  I tell THG that I am not just going to show up there next week.  "We need a plan."  He gets really ... um.... bouncy and gesture-y.  "We need to talk about that."  I totally started to laugh RIGHT THEN.  Hands over my mouth laughing.  It was mean but I can not help it.

He goes into a long explanation about how he knows himself and there's this thing between us, this sexual thing, and we are on a collision course.  We could just get together and do something really stupid.  It would be sticky.  there's this connection and this thing.  Meanwhile I am laughing.  Out loud.  But he keeps on going.  He actually said that my laughing was making it better cause now he doesn't need to worry.  OH MY GOSH.  Is he insane?  I said "Hey, I'm sorry but I am just not even remotely interested in you that way."  Truth is I am only the teeniest bit interested in him in any way.  I am bored and lonely at school since jackass is gone and I have no one to make fun of the others with.  Its mean but its true.

And still he did not quit.  Finally I said "Here's what we'll do.  We'll just keep it at this level.  We'll only see each other at school with lots of people around and we'll just play it safe.  It's probably better that way.  Find someone else to study with."  I did everything but rip my blouse and beg him not to reject me.  Now I have to figure how to go to school in 2 weeks and not just laugh and laugh and laugh.


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