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Friday, August 27, 2004

All About Jays Super Secret Moves Part TWO

Ok. There is nothing here about Jays super secret moves because I have been sworn to super secretness. and I am nothing if not capable of super secretness... Why this entire BLOG is nothing but super secret stuff! Who are you? Why are you reading this??

I can discuss Jays strangely erotic penchant for snack cakes. He waxes poetic about lickable splats and then goes on to DOMINATE that twinkie. How truly pent up and repressed are you when you feel the need to dominate a snack cake?

More interesting is the question... How truly pent up and repressed are you when you get all turned on because someone else feels the need to dominate snack cakes?

"Blue Faery, please? I'd like to be a twinkie. So I
can eventually be a REAL woman"

Alright, in the interest of fairness I will have to admit, here and now, for all to see. I've got my own little thing for Ding Dongs. But shhhhhhhh! It's a secret.

SPELL CHECKER UPDATE: For secretness it offers me... secretions.


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