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Thursday, August 26, 2004

Project Update

For those of you new to this voyeuristic pass time of watching Penny uncover the real "HER" (or is that "SHE"?) I will say ~ Read the other posts and then you'll know what the hell I'm talking about. Don't be lazy!

The project continues in the shower today. I kept some (Yay, Penny!) and canned some (Also, Yay! cause now you don't have to feel ill looking at them). I do this with a digital camera. Run right out here into the living room to see what I've got.

There is nothing wrong with taking naked pictures of yourself! Don't judge. Further, why should I hide like a masturbating teenager? I'm a grown woman living in my own home doing my own thing, man. So, I unload this pics and they pop up on the screen and in walks number three child. 3.5 years of vast experience under her belt (plus having actually been in the shower with mommy) allows her to immediately identify what's on the screen.

"Hey!" She tweets in a little pixie voice that melts me like velveeta cheese, "Hey, mom! That's your BUTT!" Pointing. To be sure I know she means it's my butt that's my butt and not some passing pedestrian, or the dog or something. "Right there!"

"Yes." I say. "That is my butt."

"Your butt is strange, mom. Very strange." And with that she's gone.


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