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Friday, August 20, 2004

Moody Two Shoes

Well, let me just say that I have always thought that pissed was gonna be better than wounded. Better to just be angry than to have to be hurt, yes? Makes it so much easier to just get pissed right off.

And, now, maybe I am.

Jackass is supposed to stay away. Because he finally realized that he kills me. That all his little "Hey, look at me" pokes only cause me great distress and pain. This is his huge sacrifice, to give up the little bit of me that makes him happy in return for my own sanity.

We've been in this NEW & IMPROVED way for exactly 7 and a half days. Its been hard for me. I've been mood swing-y. But Jackass has been reassuring me that he can do this, its no trouble for him, he just makes up his mind how its gonna be and WHAMO that's how it is. Like Magic!

So, why then do I hear from him today? Just a stupid little comment on my stupid little blog. Just a little poke that says "Don't forget about me." Don't you dare go on and think about something besides me, Penny, DO NOT YOU DARE.


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