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Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Shower Talk

I am in the shower. I can not lock the door because number 3 child needs free access to me. What if something important comes up during the 10 minutes I am in there?

Door opens. "Are you in the shower?"

Well, the water is running and the shower doors are clear. So, yes, I am in the shower.

"Do you love yellow?"

That's a better question. No obvious answer.

"Well, I like yellow."

"So, what about blue, and red and purple? Do you LOVE blue and red and purple?"

Hmmm. Can one ever truly love a color?

"No sweetie, I just like all the colors."

"OK! Call me if you need me!"


Can I even recall a time where I got to shower alone, uninterupted? Would I remember it fondly if I did? This is better. This is great.


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