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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Punk Rock Girl Kicks ASS

I had a rather upsetting day. A few emotional moments where I felt a little off balance. So I responded by dressing like a 16 year old pain in the ass punk rock chick for school. Very short, tight black mini with a big black zipper up the front, black leather bondage belt that clanks with metal stuff when I walk, black t-shirt with hand cuffs on the front (Fetish), and 4 inch heel stripper shoes with little silver grommets and satin bows. This improved my mood instantly. But, to understand the actual effect of this attire you have to hear about what comes next.

I go to school with adults. All of whom have advance college degrees. All except me and a few others -- you see I tested my way through a college degree with out ever sitting in a class room. Actually, I dropped out of high school, too, and that's the frosting on my student cup cake. So. There I am. Drop out no degree girl in the black clanky belt and stripper shoes. But I ate the teacher alive tonight.

Most nights I sit quietly and bite my tongue. But today I was in a mood so I let him have it. When I raise my hand he cringes. I never ask questions that I do not know the answer to. At least not of him. And there are times when he'll be feeling a little cocky and he'll slap me down. This is the best. Because I am not wrong and he is not right and once this has been shown with no degree of uncertainty he has to admit to not only being an idiot, but to being a cocky idiot at that.

Now before you start to think that I am ruthless and without a heart... I will say that the death blow was dealt privately. I let it go in the class room discussion but addressed it at the break. To which he said, not for the first time but now for the last, "Yes, you're right." I told him that I was REALLY sorry for being such a pain in the ass. Pointed out that he never had to see me again. Unless and until we end up in the same court room. And you gotta know that is a day he will not remember fondly either. Because once were in court, someone will be paying me to kick his ass...


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