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Friday, August 06, 2004


Here is my idea of being the most amazing sort of fuck you can be. (I know that fuck is not really the right word but it's versatile, you can use it for many things and I am using it today to describe Scooter)

Scooter is at the house today, hanging out with the kids. I went to the library to kill time and let them hang out. Get home. Scoot says "You got a call from Cedric, that's the guy you tutor? Number two daughter answered it and hung up before I could get to it."

I said "She needs to quit answering the phone if she cant wait for you or take a message."

He said (This is key) "I know. I told her not to do it."

Just then, Number 2 comes through the door and I let her have it "Damn it. How many times do I have to tell you not to answer the phone unless have permission?" Scoot is STANDING IN THE ROOM while I am yelling. Then he walks away.

Number 2 says "But mommy, I had permission." Now, generally, my parenting style is a united front approach. Generally I want to say "Don't expect me to believe that your father is lying to me." But, damn. I had that sinking feeling. So I said "You asked Daddy if you could answer the phone?" and she said "No. He TOLD me to."


This is the equivalent of picking up your kid and using them as a human shield. Not only did he tell me that she had done it "before he could get to it" but he stood there and let me yell at her. And I bet that he would have let me call her a liar if I had been so inclined. Rather than have me be pissed at him for not taking a phone message. I said "Hey, she says you told her to answer the phone."

"Yeah, sorry."

"You just stood there and let me yell at her for it."


The day I ever behave like this, ever sell my kid down the river in order to avoid some minor discomfort... the day I ever do a thing like this is the day I hope people line up to slap me. One right after the other. Just slap me until I'm dead. Cause I don't even want to live if I am ever such a coward, such a fuck.


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