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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Metro-Sexual Guy

I am trying to set this guy up with a girl.  Yes, a GIRL.  There's this really cool chick at school.  Right age, cute, smart.  VERY cosmopolitan.  Very much this guys type.


He isn't interested because she is in law school and so they have nothing in common.  I said "She's smart.  She has a brain.  She's cute.  What else do you need?" 

"She's probably only interested in people in law shool."

OK THEN.  I guess I should beg you?  How the hell does he have any idea of what she's interested in?  Every day this guy bugs me more and more.

I have a friend who thinks he is getting this irritating way because he is in love with me.  Does this sound really, really stuck-f'in-up to say "Why the hell can't people stop falling in love with me?"  Is it the way I smell?  Jackass, THG, now Metro-sexual?  What the hell?  I try to be bitchy.  I try to be cold and hard to get along with.  When oh when will it end?


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