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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

I Have 6-Pack ABS!

I do. I swear. Trouble is that they are encased in a cost-co 24 pack belly. Three kids does things to your skin, or at least my skin. I have the "Look at me wrong and I get a scar" red-head skin. And I once had boobs. Big ones. Now all my bras have knots tied in them so they'll snug up to fit the new me. 32-B (That B is generous, I bet I could go A or maybe even training.) I don't mind that really, either. Except for the skin thing. My teeny ta-tas are in 34 DD skin. CRAP.

So, on with the photo project. I did a couple things today. One was a work-out thing which includes 4 photos, in sequence which reveal how I look to myself while working on the abs. They are a sit-ups montage. SWEET. The other is a misc. shot which begs the question: Which part of Penny is that? Also SWEET. And very frecklish. Freckelishious. Freckelishious-ness.

Then, GOD what possessed me?!? I took two entire all of me naked shots. I have to stop fracturing myself into bits and pieces. Plus, I wanted a picture of my ass for Jay. And this will stun you... I'm keeping them. They are in a folder in my computer right where scoot can snoop them next time he is left here alone. This is progress, friends! Real progress. I feel so freaking hot today I need to stay indoors for fear of attracting amorous suitors of dubious suitability. I bet I even smell good!

Moving right along, cause I am CRAZY BABY, I took some more shower shots. The ones from my perspective were disasters. I am too close to me to get a good photo of anything but my feet. But the arms length ones? I actually kept some of those too! Unless I am dreaming... Wait. I'll pinch myself now and see.


Ok. I took some photos today of the formerly bad stuff, kept them... Things are looking up! I am going to post my sit-up essay cause I like it. It rocks. Plus it proves that I do sit ups which proves the whole six pack ab claim. Gotta keep it real.

NOTE: I started the spell check which immediately alerted on BOOBS and offered me boobies as prefered... I can only hope it meant the birds.


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