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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Truth OR Dare

Right this very second there is a game of truth or dare going on in my kitchen! 5 little girls (Number Two, Number Three and 3 friends) are spinning an empty apple juice bottle and playing the age old game. When it started I thought "What the HELL!?!" but decided to listen in...

Lets listen in together.

"Truth or dare?" Oldest neighbor girl asks.
"Truthy." Number Three responds.
"Is it true you like your mothers cooking?"
(I can not hear the response over my own mad laughter)

"Truth or dare?" Youngest neighbor girl asks.
"Clean dare!" Number Two responds.
Whisper, whisper, whisper.
Number Two runs into the room I am in and gives me a big MMMMMMMMM kiss smack on the lips then runs back to the kitchen and proclaims "I grabbed her just like this!"

Oh dear, Blog Monkeys! I don't remember truth or dare being quite like this. I hope it stays that way. What are the odds?


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