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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Hey Jess...

I read what you wrote about locking up my computer. I'm not going to and here is why: I am an adult, I do not sneak and hide, and I am doing nothing wrong which I think I need to hide.

There is a certain level of privacy and respect that we have a right to demand from others. Right now Scooter is in a very serious state of depression because he is a sneaky, peaky spier. He saw my project, decided that it means something and then proceeded to feel really bad based on what he thinks it means. NOTHING has changed for me, though. My project remains my business and I know that I am not selling naked pictures of myself to sex starved prison inmates or anything nutty like that. But even if I were that's my business. The only one hurt by his spying is scooter.

Now since I am a human being with feelings, I feel bad for him. But his pain is his own fault. And if he had learned at YOUR age to have respect for both himself and for others... well he'd be happier today because of it. So, I take the time to cyber-mama you by saying

"Jess, dear boy, neither a spier nor a hider be."

Oh, crap! I almost forgot... Don't be a dish breaker either.


Blogger Jess said...

Yes, mam. I let people live there lives, as they wish. To quote somebody ( I don't remember who) "It's your world, I'm just passing through."

2:22 AM  

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