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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Project Update

Well, my voyeuristic little blog monkeys...

The project turned a corner yesterday when I some how managed to share a "scary" pic with J. Um, maybe it was the Nyquil. That must of been it. A crazy night of flem and Nyquil shots and the next thing I know I've zipped off a nakey fresh shot...

Anywho ~ It was OK. I was flinchy, really flinchy, and I think I might have crawled under the desk at one point but here I am today. Psychologically intact. So the project is right on track!

Did some more today. Not so successful I have to admit. I had the "OH MY GOD!!" send it straight to the trash reaction. Was unable to over come it. I think I kept one. BUT today was belly day. Did I really think that the belly demons would be so easy to banish as the others? I am actually quite certain that they are never gonna be banished but I will still give it the old college try. May linger there though, cause boobs are next. SCARY. and then that little spot where your thigh meets the rest of you...

This has been a project update ~ I'm Bad Penny.


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