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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Will She or Won't She Lesbian Quandary @ an End

Ever since making the enormous mistake of loaning her car to Number One and the Idiot boy friend and then trying to hide the subsequent hit and run debacle from me, Angel has been MIA.

Not a peep.

So I'll relate our last in person interaction as I think it was THE LAST ever.

Angel comes walking in my back door, no knock.

I said "Hey, not even my longest girly friend does that!"

"You told me to use the back door. Heh."

"But you should knock! What if you come walking in and I'm naked?"

"That's when I'll finally get cha." She winks. I swear she winked.

"I'm gonna get a boy friend and we're gonna do it, a lot, in the kitchen. That'll show you."

"Promises, promises..."


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