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Thursday, April 24, 2008

A Message For Scooter

Dear Scooter,

Just because this is a public site does not give you the right to poke your prying nose into it. You were a sneaky, lying jackass when we lived together and you are worse than that now. I hope that you have garnered some satisfaction from looking where you have no right to look. I am not ashamed of a single word I wrote here, including the words about you.

Did you read the post about how I hope someone KILLS me before I am ever such a fuck as to blame my child for something I did wrong? Did you read that one?

If you do not like the way in which I care take your shit, then get it out of my garage. How many years do you expect me to trip over and live around your piles of accumulated crap?

And please, for Christ's sake, don't come to my house when I am home if you can not refrain from your stupid leaking mouth comments, your ugly threatening postures and your stomping about in front of my children.

You sicken me.




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