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Sunday, September 12, 2004

More Shower Stories

Two days ago... I am happily in the shower where I do my absolute best thinking. And a big ole spider joins me. My first instinct is to scoop big handfuls of water on it and wash it down the drain. That way I can make it go away without squishing it first. But there is always that fear that "what ever does not kill you makes you stronger" also applies to spiders and maybe it'll come back later, stronger for having survived the drain but really pissed at me. However, I do not wish to squish it. So I decide to just let it be.

So, I am showering and spider is hanging out by the hot water tap. Hanging on really. But hanging in there. It hasn't tried to kill me yet. We have developed a kind of wary respect for each other. I am digging my one-with-natureness. Just look at how tolerant and cool Penny is. She's just letting that spider do its thing. No sweat. All is well with Penny's Karma.

But then disaster strikes. Actually it's pretty funny if you think about it. I was literally 10 minutes into being really proud of myself for not killing the spider when I was rinsing my hair with my eyes closed (contacts) and reached down to turn off the water, still eyes closed (contacts) and little spider dude jumped on my finger...

I SCREAMED. Blood curdling Psycho in the shower screaming. Slapped at the creepy feeling on my hand and flung that spiders broken body into the tub while trying to crawl OVER the shower doors to get away from the damn thing.

So much for Penny being a cool nature chick. But I bet that little dude does not get stronger offa this encounter. I think he's pretty well toast.


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