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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Bad Penny "Girl of Interest"

Well kids... I am astounded to notice that I have 160 profile views. That is 100 plus 60 people who have wondered enough about me to clink that link and view my profile. What the hell are you people thinking? Don't you have better things to do?

On Monday in class with a new prof that I will be calling (affectionately of course) Mr. Rogers ("Can you say 'Vituperate'? I knew that you could.") we did the stupid lets all introduce ourselves thing. I say stupid because I have been in school with these people for more than two years now. We freaking know each other already.

When it got to me I considered waxing poetic about my many domestic talents (I cook the food I eat, and I keep my kids alive and I clean up the dog crap often enough that the city wont condemn my homestead...) but instead I said this "I write." Well, I do. I write constantly. I have two blogs (unlike this one the other is written with care and viewed by people who actually know me... or at least want to know me) which I have put more words into than you can shake a stick at. I write long and winding emails (J once said "Damn, baby, you wrote a book" and that clings). I write shopping lists and notes at school. I write letters to my grandmothers (those girls are Old Skool, word) in long hand with pen and paper. I write briefs for class and law school essays and that is just the regular stuff.

I write.

Seems like something which takes up the vast majority of my waking time (Perhaps I read more ~ if you count proof reading what I, myself, have written) ought to earn me something other than carpal tunnel. I guess it has. I have a new friend courtesy of my blog activity. I have my first unsolicited request that I send some nakey fresh photos of myself to a friendly reader. I have the unfortunate side-effect of my relationship with jackass... Would he love me if he did not receive the hundreds of thousands of written words which I've offered to him? Mostly I have this self image which includes "Writer".

Incidental "Project" tie-in: My self image is starting to include "hot when naked". Some day it will look like this ~

This has been completely without point or purpose ~ I'm Bad Penny


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