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Monday, September 06, 2004

Penny the Vituperate

I just sent off an email to a new blogger friend, one equally appalled at the sad state of most blogs. Generally, I just ignore those that seem like journals, written just for the writer. Even though these are published (You can elect to keep yours private and therefore shield yourself from me) I give them a break since they are clearly personal to the writer.

But I ran across one that was clearly written with the intention that it be read by others. This boy thinks he's a humor writer, a Dave Barry wannabe or perhaps, judging from the latest post, a political commentator. You can read it, and you can read my comment HERE, LOOK HERE!

Now, this is all part of the cathartic experience that is MY BLOG. Penny is reinventing herself, coping with life, and having some deep, deep thoughts. What I am not doing, apparently, is becoming less vituperatory.

Which begs the next question; Should I?

I have very little patience for the degeneration of the English language. Any language really, but this is the only one I know -- besides Pig Latin -- so I tend to focus on English. Number One daughter is presently at the center of a struggle for her... um, there's not really a good word for this so (GASP!) I'll just make one up!

Number One daughter is presently at the center of a struggle for her literativosity. She is a bright girl, honors English (She can define hyperbole! Couldn't you just die!?!), yet she has friends of the dimmer variety. Recently I corrected her casual use of the evil double negative. Big mistake. Not only is she gone from my care and custody she thinks she's some sort of adult. I tried to defend myself with "Honey, when you talk like that you sound stupid. I know you're not stupid but other people? Honey! They'll judge you based on how you sound. They'll think you are an idiot..." (The ellipsis denote trailing off wistfully) She contends that her friends will think she is a freak if she talks like me. Given a choice between "Stupid" and "Freak", she chooses stupid as preferable.

(For you fans of the SAT I'll put it this way: Stupid is to Freak as Tolerable is to PAINFUL DEATH BY POKING W/ SHARP STICKS)

I am truly conflicted. I do not want my child to be a freak. We all want our children to be better, to have it easier, than we. Yet, the urge to defend my Grammer Freak nature is almost irresistible. I want to tell her "Be proud of who you are! Your grandmother uses the word "ambliance" (for ambulance) yet look at me. I ESCAPED! You can, too. Run, Number One, run like the wind!!"

I think I may be on the losing side of this fight. Wont you stand with me? Stand of for thoughtful word selection, spell checker use each and every time and Save The Apostrophe !

This has been a special report ~ I'm Bad Penny


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