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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Next BLOG Button

That button up there.... it's got me under a terrible strain. I feel the need to entertain. Afterall, it's not your fault that you ended up here, looking into this dark little spot in my brain.

The least that I can do is make it funny...
or informational...

But really all I have for you is the proclamation that I am HOT -- HOT BABY -- to be back in school. If the Socratic method of teaching (read public humiliation) is SADISTIC then I am a MASOCHIST. I just plead "please, please, please give it to me." NOW!

Spent today at the library, nose in a book. Oh how innocent and harmless she appears. Some old guy, looks homeless-like and I've seen him there a bit with grocery bags of mystery stuff, says to me "You think you're a lawyer?" and I say "Well, no, I am a law student." He develops a quick appreciation for me. Why? I have no idea. I guess if I was CAUGHT PRETENDING to be a lawyer then that's bad. But I was caught being an ACTUAL STUDENT. Now that's good.

OK. Hope that entertained you.


Blogger Davin said...

Oh HELL yeah you kept me entertained at least. :) And the good grammer, that was like a breath of fresh air.
Have you SEEN the state of some of the blogs out there? *shudder*

2:41 AM  

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