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Monday, November 15, 2004

Multisylabicaliciousness ~ Not The 30 Second POST

I just read an article titled: Does IM Make U Dum? In it the author suggests that we did not engage in IM abrieviationalisms pre-IM. (I anti-abbreviate sometimes ~ Making words far longer than they really are in an effort to improve my multisylabicaliciousness) To this interesting but nonetheless stupid contention I say this, PSHAW! Or Oh, Poo! Or something equally dismissive.

Who remembers the advent of personalized license plates? I do! And it sure as Sadie predates IM. Think about it. It wasn't on the computer screen but it was directed at others. It wasn't so easily changed so you had to really put a lot of thought into that plate cause it was gonna stand for you in the public view. It was meant to sum you up. It was more like a screen name I guess but it was certainly an arena to hone the abreviational skills.

I knew a chick, in the early 80s, whose plate said TooHip. She was "Too Hip" and she had to go a lot. She communicated this to us all by saying, with brain rending frequency, "Too Hip! Gotta Go!"

Just imagine the moment some intrepid plate "idea man" realized that you could sum up an entire syllable in the number 8! What a great day for the abrieviationalists. We got L8TR, GR8, and D8 (GR82D8!)

I also knew a real estate guy who could not get the plate he wanted so he altered his with colored tape to read Re-Max. (Titter in amusement while picturing this guy changing an IM typo with white-out on the screen. That's funny. Poor stupid bastard)

Also knew a guy with IFiteFir on his plate. I'll give you a sec. HA! It is kinda funny. Fir! The meanings are endless and none of them are clean... BUT what he meant was I Fight Fire. He couldn't get the "e" in there. So he went with fir. and then spent hours standing near his truck to tell passersby that there should be an "e" and he's really a fire fighter, just look at his big yellow boots!

Look around you cyber-friends... They're every where. We have just learned to ignore them. Does IM make U dum? Duh. I know a few folks that were dum already.

P.S. Number One does not find this post so funny. I laughed my ass off. I think it's cause she wasn't there to witness the birth of the vanity plate, to puzzle out the meanings, to feel impressed cause the dude in the car in front of you at the drive-thru (abbrv. in ACTION there) was a HRTDKTR and not a LUVDKTR or 1SXYGRL.

Too Hip! Gotta Go.


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