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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Herpes & The Perfect Man

When I first started my Penny blog I wrote a post called "What I Want in a Man". I will not link it now. If you wanna read it just go find it, it's not hidden or anything...

This is a sort of reprise of that. but not really a list. It's an ideal, I guess.

Jackass and I are in "Rules Land" again. That's ok. Some things need to be done 7 or 8 times before you get it right. But I figured we'd have a problem. A jealousy problem. So I tried to divert it to begin with. I can not sit and wait for him, speaking to no one. Hell, I might even venture out on a date. I NEED that.

But I can not get all worried that every time I speak to another guy he will get the idea that I am just peachy keen and have moved right on without him. I can not deal with angry jealous guy.

Which brings me to the ideal. I have a friend who is married. She got married the month after I did. We've been friends since she was 5 and I was 6. In other words, forever. She's had some complaints about her husband. He's a sports guy, not too touchy feely. He's not a cuddler. She's been around when scoot was wedged up my ass and seemed to think that a sniveling boy-man was something to envy. I tried to tell her...

Anyway. Something truly and completely awful happened to her. She got a very mysterious, painful rash. On her genitals. ACK! It was classically herpes. There is more than one variety of this virus. Chicken Pox is herpes. So are some mouth cold sores. and so is shingles. But she's got it on the Sally (See my genital post) and its bad.

I know what would happen in my house if this came up. There would be no question that I was a dirty, filthy, diseased slut. After all these years of honesty and faithfulness, fidelity. I'd just get a knowing look. My heart sunk when she told me. It is bad to have such a loathsome disease. Worse to lose your husband over it.

I asked "What did he say?"

She answered "He said 'I'm not worried about it. I'm sure there's some other explanation.'" End of story. He didn't even pause to contemplate what it might mean, so certain was he that it meant nothing. So certain of her.

I want that. Thanks.


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