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Friday, October 29, 2004


Life is about to change around here. Number One is moving in. (Quick update for Foreign Visitors = #1 daughter; pregnant; w/ boyfriend; yes Penny's gonna be a granny very soon)

I have been valiantly trying to maintain a certain Zone Of Sanity in my house. There's been a lot going on and I've been basically triageing the round the homestead chores. For instance, I do wash dishes, but I do not trim the hedges. My two little stay-at-home kids are slobs. So, I do bathe them but I do not clean their rooms with the leaf blower.

The line was drawn at the living room. My contention was this ~ You do not need to go in there so STAY THE HECK OUT! All I really wanted was one little spot where I could say to a visitor "Won't you please come in. Sit down. How have you been?" with out adding "Try not to step on that, oh! Don't sit there, let me move that. No that's not still alive I'm sure the kids squashed it yesterday... Are you sure you can't stay? Oh dear, have you had a tetanus booster?"

It was a small dream but you gotta dream, right.

Now I just have to let it all go. I don't live in a hotel. and I am adding 2 and a half more people this weekend. Something had to give and guess what? It's the living room.

I will be moving in there. I am sure the privacy will suffer since I no longer have doors. (I am going to hang drapes which will only provide cover for smallish eavesdroppers) But what the heck does Penny need privacy for anyway? Its not like I have a whole heck of a lot of private stuff going on in my room now. **sigh**

There is one bonus though. I will be rooming with my computer. Jackass thinks this is a fantastic opportunity. The ability to leap out of bed and ... what? IM? E-mail? No, I get it. If I am overtaken, in the night, with an irresistible urge to compute something then I am all set up!

Every rose has it's thorn, kids, but every cloud has it's silver lining...

This has been a Penny's Bed Room Update ~ I'm Bad Penny


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

You are not even CLOSE to being old enough to be a grandmother! What was your daughter thinking! How dare she do that to you! ;) Yeah, I'm kidding. Still ... how long do they plan on staying?


4:49 PM  

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