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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Bag Full 'o Sex Toys...

First, if you got here by googling "Bag Full 'o Sex Toys" I have only this to say ~ WOW. You're hard up too!

Okay my voyeuristic little blog monkeys... I just got home from Angel's house. If you don't know who that is then clink the link and read that before this... I'll wait right here. Don't be lazy.


Good. Just got back from Angel's house with a bag full of sex stuff. DUDE. It is the truth. She used to have a sex toy party business and, rather like tupperware, she had an inventory. Now, she's feeling bad for me so she's given me a bunch of stuff. Should I inventory it for you? I am not even sure what all is in there.


There is a pair of hand cuffs. Fuzzy but quick release with no key. What good are cuffs if your detainee can escape, right? So, also got a pair of black restraint straps, nice and fuzzy. Less escaping likely.

A little mini kama sutra kit with all the good kama sutra stuff inside (feather thing and honey dust and a little tub of something... "hey what's this?" "you put it right on your clit, it gets hot.")

2 little bottles of lube and a big pink watermelon one. Watermelon lube. A lot of that.

This pink jelly butterfly thing with straps and a remote... 2 bullet vibes and a ... ahem... a blue jelly bumpy cock-ring thingy ("don't you need a penis for that?" "well yeah." "i'm not currently using one of those." she put it in the bag anyway.)

AND... drum roll please... not one, but two -- count them! TWO -- vibrators. One is just a regular thing. The other is deluxe, it's got bits that stick out and bits that twirl 'round and it's filled with these pearly pink beads. It is something else. Truly. and the color scheme of this thing? Shiny and pink and girly. It's what a vibe made by Barbie would look like. There's a boutique market for you ~ Barbie Sex Toys r Us.

Friends, I would truly love to stay and blog with you. But I have to run out for batteries.


Blogger Davin said...

Woah. Like.... woah!
I guess we wont be seeing much of you for the next few days then huh?
:) hehe have fun you!

7:43 PM  

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