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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The End of the LESBO Poll

Hola Blog Monkeys & Surfers ~

The poll has passed that 100 mark and it's time to say "Goodbye". Here's the final wrap up:

Penny needs a DATE
Should Penny Give that LESBO thing a shot?
Hell Yes!
total votes: 101

Thanks a bunch to everyone who pondered this question with sincerity and love. Hoping to help me in a truly difficult decision. I know you all put a lot of thought into your answers, feeling the crushing responsibility that is structuring the major life choices for other people. Especially for other people you do not even know. You will be gratified to know that in order to truly honor those heartfelt choices you all made for me (Majority RULES! Yeah!) I can only do one thing which is to IGNORE YOU ENTIRELY AND MAKE UP MY OWN MIND.

Now that's out of the way the choice is easy. You guys! I am so straight. Straight as an arrow. Straight as that thing they make super straight lines with... What's that thing?... oh yes, a straight edge.

So we shall usher out the lesbo poll and replace it with the only suggestion I received, compliments of my pal Ms. Lori.

Please Vote.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...

You didn't get my suggestion? Hmmmmm ...


8:16 PM  
Blogger Bad Penny said...

Mr. Steelle,

I did get your suggestion but it seemed light on content and heavy on theme. I figured "Me SOOOOO Horny" qualifies as an ADULT THEME. So, I apologize for failing to credit you as well as Ms. Lori. You can have first shot at the next poll.

In the meantime ~ Please Vote!


8:09 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

i'm American, I'll vote already! I don't know what i'm voting on this time though?? I suppose I should read the previous post, hunt out Lori's suggestion and then do the unthinkable and actually try to make a decision.

5:47 AM  
Blogger ChairmanTao said...

Two things-

how can I chose without a picture of your ass -or for that matter Mr Stallone's ? I need to be able to picture the positioning of the TAT in each case.
Although I feel queezy of the thought of Stallone's ass super imposed on ANYTHING

AND - as your track record suggests you ignore the wisdom of your readership, what's the guarantee that you will abide by the decision of the majority ?

11:27 AM  

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