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Thursday, September 23, 2004

The Pressure is Crushing...

As my profile views rise, so does my anxiety level. Who is reading this? Who are you? What do you want...

No longer is it acceptable for me to just vomit some arbitrary thought on to the page. Everything is VIEWED. and READ. and, apparently, analyzed.

Jackass thinks I have my "How Hard Up is Penny" Poll in an effort to get some support for my latent lesbian tendencies. Crap. Here I was, coding up the poll, thinking... "Tee-Hee... this is pretty funny." Giggle, snicker. Tee and some more Hee. That's it, blog monkeys. That is ALL. Penny was just cracking herself up. But now Jackass has gone all Freudian on me. He calls this my porno-blog. Double-crap.

So I sit here, bleary eyed on the heels of never-enough-sleep, coffee in hand and fingers on the key board wondering what to say now. The entire point of my "Porno-Blog" was to provide some outlet for my Penny-ness. The entertainment value of Penny-ness is just incidental. You are an unintended third party beneficiary of my deal with Blogger.

So, here are my poll results:

5 are for switching teams.

2 are for staying hetero and maybe dating the vote-caster.

J voted hetero and I count him + 5

So... That's 5 for "Just Make Out with Angel" and 7 "For We Love You Just the Way You ARE".

Thank you J, for believing in me...


Blogger Jess said...

Get a site meter or stat counter it will give you some idea who is looking at you.

Just a thought.

12:00 PM  

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