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Monday, December 27, 2004

Birthday Penny

It's my birthday today.

I will not say how old I am but old enough to not feel like ASS just cause its my birthday.

My boy remembered. But how hard is it to remember when you've had the count down going for at least three months?

The guy I am apparently dating now remembers and will be taking my sorry self to a movie.

Scooter remembers. I find a card propped in the bath room this morning. Signed with love. I guess if what he does to me is love then I'm glad he doesn't hate me. That'd be lousy, eh?


I am gonna get on with it and see what happens from here.


Blogger Garrison Steelle said...


Okay, by this point it's probably not your birthday, but the sentiment is still valid!

And trust me, you don't look a DAY older than you did the last time I saw you.



9:31 PM  
Blogger Bad Penny said...

Mr. Steele ~

It is with a grateful heart that I read each comment thinking "How dear that this man whom I do not know takes the time to say Hello to me." Happy Birthday? Why that's just many times better. Thank you.

By the by. I saw your naked woman chritmas tree lights photos... I wish I had taken them.


10:29 AM  

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