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Friday, January 14, 2005

Things I HATE
a reprise of the first Penny Post EVER!

  1. those flags that people roll into the windows of their cars. (i do not hate america, but i hate these freaking flags) they drive along looking like a motorcade of some sort, what the hell is that about?
  2. guys that honk or whistle at me when i look like shit. trivializes the honks and whistles when i don't.
  3. passive aggressiveness.
  4. reality tv.
  5. adkins crap.
  6. people who express the opinions of other people but pretend that they are their own.
  7. people who tell the same joke over and over and over but get pissed when you finish it for them.
  8. puking (i hate to puke, you can if you want but leave me out of it)
  9. gophers.
  10. the obsessive compulsive need to make this list 10 and not just stop at 9.


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