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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Sexy Granny Penny

As many of you know... I am unusually sexy. Why every time I turn around there's some dude looking at my ass and whistling. Nice respectful Would Ya Get A Loada THAT! whistling. "Meet my MOM" whistling. I'm that hot. Don't look like a Granny.

And get this! I have these super hot bondage boots. Black leather. Laces up the back... I put those on and look out! The hotness is increased. Then I don't even look like a Mommy. I look like a super hot single girl without children and nothing to do but run around with you and get in all kinds of trouble in my hot bondage boots. I am so Single-Girl-Not-a-Mommy-HOT that I fool myself. I fool my own self, Loyal Blog Monkeys, into believing I am THAT GIRL.

So today I am getting all tarted up for school, getting dressed and on with the bondage boots. Look out!

But wait. Wait one little second... there's something in my boots. What the HELL is that? Hot-Not-A-Mommy-Ness facade is shattered in an instant when Penny discovers that her super hot bondage single girl boots are full of



Blogger JulieB said...

That's a take down moment isn't it? When reality crashes down around your ears? I have those too. Busy flirting with another student in my writing class. Then i come home and my son says in basso profundo, hi mom, how was class?
huh. ah well. he wears size 13 shoes now, you could bale out a boat with those things. He also seems to feel free to question any other male that comes to the door looking for me.

8:11 AM  
Blogger ChairmanTao said...

Nothing wrong with Cheerios in your boots. Just pretend it is some bizarre fetish. I've seen worse.

5:41 AM  

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